Miilie’s new shoes!!! – The monkey treks begin

Hello Monkey fans!

The time has come for the monkey trekking to really start getting on the road. We have our new outfits, our new shoes and we have our lunches packed courtesy of granny. Even though she’s old and a bit wrinkly, she can make the best sandwiches. We also take some chocolate buttons along for eating of course and for playing frisbee when we get a bit tired of trekking.

So first things first – here are Millie’s new shoes! she’s dead excited

Millie's new shoes

Millie’s new shoes

Hiya – Millie hee. Monkey get off the blog a minute. I want to write something!

Monkey – Aah go on then Millie but I want to tell them about the monkey trek

Millie – Well never mind that shoes are more important hehe. No I really do want to read to you my little poem on shoes as it is very important to thank your shoes before you go walking in them. If you think about it, your shoes do all the hard work, stepping on dirt and mud and even poop (Monkey – Whoo hoo this is my favourite kind of trek – the poop trek)

So here goes, a millie musing on shoes

My Millie musing on shoes  *clears monkey throat* Are you sitting comfortably?

My Millie musing on shoes *clears monkey throat* Are you sitting comfortably?

My shoes are blue and comfy

I wear them all the time

I even wear them when in bed

I like it that they’re mine

With my shoes I’m dancey

I walk and skip and hop

And when I’m feeling peckish

they take me to the shop

I really really love my shoes

and when they take me places

they leave their markings on the ground

their very own trek traces!

Aaah where will we go first? we have everything ready so come on lets go – where shall we end up? ooh im excited. these shoes are taking me somewhere and I dont know where! I love adventure!!! I dont know what to wear with my shoes though!! Ive changed my dress. thinks this goes better. not sure so monkey has other choices in his backpack just in case hehe

I'm off!

I’m off!

Come on Monkey get a monkeymove on!!!

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