Monkey and Millie do Supermarket Sweep!

Well this is monkey fantastic news monkey fans

Millie and I got a call from the presenter  from the show who said he loved our monkey antics and did we fancy coming on the show!!???


My monkey goodness. YES!! i screamed down the phone. So we were on the next train to Supermarket Sweep land where we were quickly interviewed for our monkey fabulousness:


me and monkey getting interviewed

me and monkey getting interviewed

the poor presenter looks a little nervous being next to such monkey fabulousness doesn’t he? aaah but i pooped on his jacket later on to make him feel better. I think he did as he wrinkled up his nose and that is a sign of affection in monkey body language! haha

Now if you have never seen Supermarket Sweep, its a cool show where you are asked questions about shopping. and you get 10 seconds of time to go shopping at the end of the show. And if you get lots of time on your clock then you  have time to go shopping at the end to win the value of the shopping in your trolley or £2000 pounds which you can use to go shopping. So you see the theme and why my Millie loves the show hehe

Here we are at the shopping counter waiting for our turn to go shopping….

ooh this is exciting!

ooh this is exciting!


We had to play a game with words too but My Millie is very clever and used the words cup and nose as you see on the pic in a  rhyme. She was monkey fabulous and well we had a fab time. But it wasnt over yet! ooh no. I did a wee in the aisle to help us win by skidding along the floor, picking up loads of shopping on the way.

But that’s excitement for another day. teehee



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