A Monkeytastic invention!

Fans Fans!!!

I have just invented the best thing ever.

I want to share it with you all.

It’s useful…something you can take with you anywhere you go and you don’t need to buy anything to maintain it. no parts to add or cleaning things to buy….


May I present to you….the Sand Chair

Sand chair

Sand chairs


I made one for me and one for Millie and we sat on the seafront and watched all the silly dogs run and sniff things as they walked past and looked back in amazement as they had never thought of doing this themselves.  For all the dogs you see on the beach just playing and walking and sniffing shells –  silly doggies   – I bet you’ve never seen a dog make a chair like this!

No cos monkey’s are cleverer . We make our own furniture which crumbles up after use and which mammy transports in her bag until we need it to build something else. Well mammy doesnt realise we  have put it there – she just thinks its daddy’s shoes or wet towel etc. he doesnt like carrying his stuff either!! haha poor mammy.

I think that clever man who built IKEA…hhm Millie what was his name? Aah yes, Mr Ikea, should really think of making sandchairs. Easy to assemble and portable. Just add water hehehe

And if I ever see a dog building some useful doggy furniture, I’ll let you know.

Bye for now!

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