Sand Monkey!!!

Hello monkey fans!

Remember when I told you  I’d built something wonderful and fantastic and monkey fabulous?

Well if you remember Snow Monkey – you will recognise my artistic talents in this new addition to the monkey family…..


Me and Sand Monkey!!

Me and Sand Monkey!!

Sand Monkey - isn't he cute?? Not as cute as me though hehe

Sand Monkey – isn’t he cute?? Not as cute as me though hehe

I think you will agree it is indeed monkey fabulous. We played all day and skipped around the beach and built sand poops and sand castles and sand food for Sand Monkey. Then we thought he might be thirsty so we got him  a drink of water from mammy’s water bottle – Millie tipped some on our heads too  to cool off as it was a hot sunny day. But when we dried our eyes, Sand Monkey was gone……..

Where could he be?

He’d left a big pile of sand poop though so we forgave him for just leaving us suddenly like that. Aaah anyway, we soon forgot about him as we then heard an icecream van in the distance so we scampered off….

See you soon Monkey fans!

Love Monkey xx

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