Monkey meets the dinosaurs

I met some dinosaurs today!

here comes Dino!

here comes Dino!

Well it came about cos our neighbour is a dinosaur – well daddy says he is well old and that he is a ‘cranky old dinosaur’. I don’t think daddy likes him really but i think its quite exciting that he is a dinosaur! I asked  him the other day if he was in Jurassic Park but he looked a bit confused. Then after scratching his head he smiled and said he was flattered if I thought he looked like Sam Neill. I asked him who Sam Neill was and then he looked very confused and stopped smiling. I had to explain that as my daddy says he’s a dinosaur…….but then he started to chase me out of his garden….

However, his son is dead nice and is not a dinosaur and he had some tickets to go and see his relatives – the real dinosaurs from Jurassic park who they have brought back to life. They are now staring in their very own theatre show.

I said i didnt want to go if the dinosaurs were singing like in CATS, but i was told dinosaurs can’t sing…..honestly adults are so confusing sometimes. How do they travel and drive trucks round the theatres then I asked? No answer. Humans are not very bright sometimes

Here is a pic of my new friend Dino…..

Dino comes on stage

Dino comes on stage

He doesn’t look like my neighbour at all really but I guess sometimes kids don’t always look like their parents. I am much more handsome than daddy for example….

Here is another dinosaur called….Brian…his name is more modern cos he’s a hip and happening dinosaur from an earlier time apparently..


The best bit of the show was when one of the dinosaurs did a huge poop in the middle of the floor!! woohooo poop tastic!!I scrambled on the floor and skipped over and dived right in. It was big and smelly and brown and fantastic but no time for pics as a man hauled me off and took me straight back to daddy and the dinosaurs son. I got told off but it was fab being covered in dinosaur poop.It was the best poop experience ever as they do such big poops its pooptastic!

I will never look at monkey poops in the same way again.

I cant tell you much about the rest of the show as my eyes were covered in poop and i didn’t want to wash it off…nothing could be better than poop though..

no pics of me today, I want to keep this poop on as long as possible. Plus I took a bit home on a string so am busy playing with this. Laters monkey fans! xxx



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