The poop trail……

Hiya monkey fans!!


Can i just say a HUGE MONKEY thank you to all my new monkey fans!!! I have had so many lovely messages from you and some funny comments. You are really lovely writing to me, a little humble monkey, that i am dying to share this fab game with you that i made up for my lovely Millie


Well it was a lovely surprise  as she was feeling sad one day as Easter is long gone and so have the choco eggs so I thought what could I do to cheer her up??

Well kids, I decided to combine both my and Millie’s favourite things – poops and chocolate eggs

I asked granny gumdrop if she would buy me some cheap choco eggs – she knows all the cheap granny tat shops and those shops where everything is only 100 pennies. So she brought me back some eggs for my Millie.


I sent her some clues and she followed the trail………

Clue one – this clue will take you to a room where monkey goes to bed. He’ll poop an egg or two for you as big as your monkey head!  so my clever millie goes off to the bedroom and i give her the first reward on the poop trail…….

On the poop trail.....

On the poop trail…..


Clue two – this clue will take you to a room where monkey once had a wee. if you can find the same old spot, he’ll poop an egg or three

So my Millie goes off to the bathroom and so……….

the poop trail clue two

the poop trail clue two


Well I thought my Millie would like this poop trail but turns out she wouldn’t eat the eggs after that as they were tainted.. I know they were painted i said as they had patterns on, but apparently that’s not what she meant. Women!

So she said i had to go and sit and think about what i did….. so she made me sit here….

the naughty step

the naughty step



She’s been watching that supernanny programme far too much! that woman is telling her too many tips to spoil my monkey fun!

But it wasn’t too bad as I spent ages on the naughty step and thought of nothing but pooping for ages!!

Monkey tastic!!!!!!!!!


Till next time poops

I mean peeps! teehee xxxxx

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