Monkey reads books – and finds a family surprise!

Hello monkey fans!

Phew its been a busy week in monkeyworld. There is never a dull moment but plenty of smelly ones I am pleased to say as I keep popping them out. teehee

What I wanted to write about today is more adventures in the bookshop Millie wrote about earlier in the week . She’s still reading that book on that goat getting a husband and telling her husband what to do so I need to redress the balance I think

So i decided to look for a book for my Millie. soon got distracted though as I saw uncle Juan has written his memoirs and had them published and i didn’t even know!!

uncle Juan has published his memoirs!

uncle Juan has published his memoirs!

I think he’s a bit vain putting his big photo on the front like that. What a show off!? he’s writing about where he lives and his life in Costa Rica growing up. I just found out that it was his family that opened up the coffee shop with the similar name! Who would have thought monkeys like coffee? it was decided not to put Rica on the end as this sounds like the word rich and it might put people off that they had to be rich to go there…….i took Millie there once and then they asked me for  £100 for two coffees!! I think Uncle Juan is having a laugh to be honest but he’s making  loads of monkey money so that’s good. I have been there since as i do love costa rica coffee and i now get a monkey discount – and they let me play in the tubs of monkey poos that come in and get ground into coffee. well you humans call them coffee beans but we know different don’t we Juan (wink wink)

Also juan wont tell me when he lost the old key to costa rica and why he felt the need to write an entire book about the new one? blimey monkeys can be silly sometimes.

Heres me with another book:

Can I find out why my Millie always has to buy shoes and then picks the first pair she saw 15 hours ago?

Can I find out why my Millie always has to buy shoes and then picks the first pair she saw 15 hours ago?

This book was not very good as it didn’t explain all of the questions i have about my lady monkey Millie. She is a puzzle that one. Why does she pack a whole suitcase when we go travelling and then never wear the clothes?

Why is she always cold but is keen to warm herself up on me?

Why does she moan about how many times I pop each day?

Why can’t she ever open a banana skin on her own and I have to do it?

Questions that will never be answered cos they are unique to my Millie and I love her.. aaah… but don’t tell her that will you? I’m off to find some more books now. Ones with rude or funny titles……that is a great game to play in a book shop. you should try it!

Laters monkey fans  xx

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