Monkey Easter Egg



Has the Easter bunny arrived at your house yet? Haven’t you heard about the Easter bunny? she only gives presents to special people and monkeys.

Well  what should happen but as we were getting ready for a little Easter Saturday lunch. Guess who popped by!?

Easter bunny! so I wrote a poem for you lovely people.

The Easter bunny

The Easter bunny

Today is Easter Saturday

It is a day of joy

A day before you get your eggs

and maybe a cool toy

I love chocolate easter eggs

They make me think of poo

As if a bunny’s hopped a long

and left a trail or two

I’d love to be a bunny

with poop the shape of eggs

and if the smell got really bad

you’d grab a few wood pegs

But monkey here likes the smell

he follows Easter bunny

He likes the trail of poopy eggs

especially if they’re runny

Monkey asked the bunny

if she could make a pile

of lots and lots of Easter eggs

and if she’d stay a while

of course said bunny happily

I’ll  poop and show you how

i can make lots of  eggs for you

Its Easter starting now!


Happy Easter no matter what kind of brown looking treats Easter bunny gets you! It’s the thought that counts! teehee

xxxxxx Love Monkey









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