Mc Moocow

Hello monkey and Millie fans

Do you love our new pages?Ive been dying to put all you pretty and handsome monkey fans on our home page! We hope you love it as we love having you there and Millie kisses you all good night every time just before she goes to bed. Aaah she loves having so many friends!!

Well Millie nearly didnt let me write this blog post as se wanted to write more about her birthday, But since her birthday week isnt over yet, I wanted to show you the pics of the times we got bored of doing normal , nice things and decided to get up to some monkey business such as ……..

Deciding what we were going to have for tea by jumping up the back of the blackboard sign, and sliding down the front – we’d eat what we rubbed off first! ps it was the haggis….

the menu slide game

the menu slide game

Then we sat in jenners and admired the view. We sat quietly on the windowsill when it was pensioners special. They thought we were toy monkeys and so patted our heads a bit but basically left us alone. well haha more fool them! i got some cream cakes of Gladys from Kent, Mildred left her cookies unguarded and percy left his cap when he went to the loo so I pooped in it! teehee We had great fun with the old people. One gave us a stern look though when we took her cake with cherries on so when we saw she had a walking stick, we scampered off quickly!

pretending to be toy monkeys to get free cake off the grannies

pretending to be toy monkeys to get free cake off the grannies

Then we went to have a look in the toy department but monkey made a new friend so we stayed and played for a while. But then someone who worked in jenners came and told us Mc MooCow wasn’t happy at being sat on by monkeys and we had to leave. We had heard no such thing from Mc Moocow himself so we left, went to the sweet department and then came back and gave Mc Moocow a kiss, some chocolate eggs as a farewell treat and then left. swapped emails and phonenumbers though so there’ll be lots more scottish adventures with Mc  Moocow!! woohoo

Mc Moocow

Mc Moocow

Happy birthday Millie !!!

love Monkey and Mc Moocow x


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