Millie’s Birthday

Hiya monkeyettes

Millie here !

I want to tell you even more about our fabulous trip to the monkey friendly city of Edinburgh. Sometimes when you are as small and as furry as we are, its tricky tp travel and get around. But Edinburgh is very friendly to monkeys although some of the men wear skirts and have hairy legs so when we catch on to their skirts to tag a ride, we get scratched and fall off!

This is us again in the hotel. me and monkey were celebrating my birthday! teehee I never told you as i was a bit embarrased. We lady monkeys don’t reveal our age – but as monkey says , i seem to get better and better and we monkeys don’t age and get wrinkles like you humans. teehee Isnt he sweet…


birthday tea for Millie

birthday tea for Millie



Monkey had made it a surprise for me and bought all these cakes and things. yummy yo yo. we had then brought to our room by a human . weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Then do you know what? those lovely hotel people wrote me a lovely card and said i was the best monkey guest they had  ever had and that i was welcome at any time if i kept monkey under control . teehee. Monkey kept wanting to eat the cakes…..aaah look i take my eyes off him for five minutes and look what happens…..


Monkey!!!!!!! Look at his guilty face……


A guilty face!

A guilty face!

Monkey kept taking a peek at the card. Monkey it’s  not for you its for me, Millie!


more adventures in Edinburgh to to tell you about next time. xxx  lots of love millie xxx



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