Red nose day monkey style

Hello Millie here

Happy red rose day!

Red rose day

Red rose day

here you are to all my friends and fans – i love you very much and here is a red rose just for you!

Millie – you do realise its red NOSE day, not red rose day!!!


Yes well i think  i can help there. mm let me see – you want a red nose?

does millie want a red nose? i can make her one teehee

does millie want a red nose? i can make her one teehee

Nope! I know we should be doing sponsored things for the kiddies on red nose day. So we had some good ideas and came up with some fantastic games:

First I did a sponsored cheerio bath: cos i love cheerios – they sound like such a happy cereal:

cheerio for charity

cheerio for charity

Then i used the cheerios I had sat on to play hoopla and asked millie and mammy to try and win the prizes on offer: they were a bit rubbish as monkey is the best!

cheerio hoopla

cheerio hoopla

mammy wasnt very happy that id used all her cheerios and popped on them when i was in the bath so instead of eating them i had to do something with them! and hoopla seemed the best idea teehee

Millie did a sponsored silence for ….well five minutes as she’s such a chatter box! She wanted to sell some things so decided to have a little sale of all the little things in her bedroom but no one came to buy granny growbag. I think the 50p price tag was too expensive so ive put her on ebay. hope we get some money as i want to give it to the kiddies so they can buy red noses.

Happy red nose day and hope you raised lots of money!


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