Monkey world book day 2013

Hiya monkey and millie fans

millie here….

Its book day! Normally it’s monkey day but we’ll let books have a day I suppose. us monkeys need a day off! hehe

we love today! we love books and poetry and reading……

Here’s monkey with  his best friend hugless douglas

monkey reading

but sometimes he gets distracted……..oh oh i think he’s seen me….monkey get back to reading!

monkey reading

too late!!!


Well, later on i saw monkey reading again and this time he was reading another favourite of his, the bear at the busstop. ooh listen monkey is talking to himself….


….why is the bear getting the bus? doesnt he have a car? does he even have a discount bus pass? he’s only little he might get trampled on. Me and Monkey always get taxis everywhere we go so buses are a bit of a novelty…full of humans. prefer taxis myself


Poor bear !! look at his little face…all alone. Shall I ring Monkey taxis for you??????

Now I am Millie the more sensible monkey…here i am reading my favourite book……….


hehe not really……….


this is me here! look i’ve found a picture of my monkey !1 haha glad mine doesn’t play a drum. he’s noisy enough as he is!

monkey what’s that drum stick doing in your hand….????


CRASH BANG BANG rat tat tat


Ah well HAPPY BOOK DAY!!!!!!


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