IKEA Monkey

Hello monkey fans

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear IKEA, Happy birthday to you!!

Eeeh after our fabulous Halloween party, me and Millie were in the monkey mood for another and so, hey ho, we went off to see our friend IKEA as we heard IKEA was having a bit of a Swedish party. He’s 25 so is a fair few monkey years to be sure. But Age is not a barrier to being or looking fabulous (well that’s what my mammy says).

I just wanted to share this snap with you. IKEA had made special cakes for us and we ate them all up.

Millie: Well actually five seconds after this picture was taken, monkey had icing all over his face…and paws….and all over the table. Some man – also called ikea as he had it written on his shirt, came over with a mop and a cloth, I think to wipe up after monkey made all that mess. Well, when monkey started sliding in the icing which was spread on the table by now, mr ikeaman started to hurry up a bit and run towards us so monkey got scared and we scampered off before IKEA man could catch us. Oops!

Happy birthday to IKEA and everyone who has a birthday this year

Millie: That is everyone! monkey everyone has a birthday every year!!!!

Monkey: Not people born in a leap year!

Millie: erm………Cheeky monkey! but clever monkey too!

Monkey: Aaaaaye!

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