Monkey’s moosical adventures

Hello monkey fans

Millie and I went to the field again today. I was, you’ll be pleased to know, let in the famous duck clucky club as was Millie so we are now honorary ducks as well as monkeys. Aaaaye. Some animals are just born to advance in life. Aaaaye.

Well we spent a bit of time in the field again today with the ducks and the moo cows and we met a few sheep friends too. It was a bit manic to be honest. Animals everywhere! But lots of poop too.Brill

I made sandwiches for us to take to the moo cows. We bought some laughing cow and took that to Betty so she would feel like a celebrity – she did a little song and twirled around for us whilst giving a lovely long moo. Bless her. I think she thinks she’s on the X-Factor. Germina decided she wanted to sing too so we had a bit of a moo -a-thon. Soo funny. I did my little monkey moon walk and they all cheered. Aaaaaye. Monkey’s got the moooves! teehee. I had my medal with me from the Olympics (Why? what’s wrong with that?) and so I wore that as I deserved it cos of my fab moves.

We made cheese, jam and pea sandwiches and also had some with beef slices in. Hoped the moo cows didnt realise what we were eating! Oops

Then after lunch Shaun decided to pay a visit..he’s a cheeky one that Shaun. He’d just been to the hairdressers so was looking a little Shaun teehee. He heard about our dancing and singing and wanted to join in. Not sure if Sheep can dance and sing as well as cows. I mean who heard of  a singing sheep?

Here he is……

He looks awfully alert and keen to  speak to me. Thinks he thinks of himself as the next Gary Baaaaaaalow. Well maybe we’ll let him into our singing club and find out!……..

Ooh look at his face! So happy about the moo cow singing and dancing.

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