Monkey antics

Hiya Monkey fans

As you know, i’ve come across a lovely field of moo cows, sheep  (and horses!) next to our house so I’ve been getting to know the neigh….bours tehee and well I’ve discovered moo cows are very very friendly. There’s free milk all day, cow pats to play in and sheep to ride around the field on, pretending I’m sitting on a moving cloud! Its dead good fun.

Betty moo cow is my best friend at the moment but she’s a bit shy and wont let me take pics just yet. She’s a bit like my Millie – got to do her face and polish her horns before being on camera. Females! They’re all the same!!!

But I also discovered some ducks today too – but ducks are a little more serious I find. Not so welcoming at first. There seems to be a certain ‘secret club or clique’ amongst our duck friends. Not too trusting of the monkey it would seem. Still they tole me that they would decide if I would be able to  join their club. Here’s the secret talks they had to discuss the matter…… I felt all important! I want to be in this secret duck club. It seems mysterious and fun!

Ducks in the picture: Brian, Thomas and Daffy (Daffy’s mammy had no imagination! when naming him did she?)

oooh got to go now and get to bed. Seeing the moo cows again tomorrow. Betty is making me some fudge tonight. Then I get to see the ducks – see if they’ve let me into their club – I might take the fudge as a bribe…….

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