Monkey meets a moo cow

Hiya Monkey fans

Monkey here. Millie’s on her poetry chair writing another poem. Bless her. She’s loves writing poems.She wants you all to know that she is going to write another one very soon.

Today me and Millie had a fabidabi day. We went to the field near mammy and daddy’s house to meet the moo cows there. We met Mary and Myriam moo cow and Rover …moo cow. Yes I know Rover is a strange name for a cow but he wants to be a dog when he grows up apparently so he makes everyone call him Rover. teehee. Cows can be so difficult sometimes! So independant and wanting to do their own thing!

I danced on Mary’s back as she said I could. Then she suggested we race around the field chasing the sheep! Teehee It was really good fun. That Mary is a one to watch. Moo cow madness!

Then we all had a picnic in the middle of the field surrounded by cow poo so no humans would dare come near. Mary stood guard and looked menacingly at anyone who dared approached our circle. Then we sang songs so it became a MOOSICAL. I know it’s bad but tee heee

It was a fab day. They gave me some left overs from the picnic to bring home………it fits so well with my food game!

Monkey and the Laughing cow

Going back tomorrow to see my moo friends!

Love Monkey xxxxx

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