Millie Princess

Hiya Millie fans

Monkeys playing in the mushy peas so he can’t write the blog tonight. He’s taking this food game far too far you know. You’re not supposed to play IN the peas monkey! Aah dear me!

Well as I’m the cleverest of the monkeys as I am a girl monkey, I have taken this food game to a whole new level. Let me explain: All girls deserve to be princesses and I know of a real live one – and she is called Princess!!!! Her daddy’s name is Peter Andre and is very cool and funny too but it’s his pretty daughter  I love as her hair is so curly and beautiful. So I would love to be like Princess as she IS a princess and is called  Princess. How cool is that? I wish I had hair like hers. I’m a monkey girl and so I only have fur. But sometimes it goes curly when it rains.

So, I have combined my love of the monkey food game with my admiration of Princess and her lovely curly wurly hair

See how pretty! I look like  a princess with lovely flowing hair and golden curls and it’s all made with food! how cool am I? teehee

I think I win on the monkey food game. Well I am a girl monkey and we all know girl monkey’s are very intelligent. More so than boy monkeys.

Monkey is now finished playing in the peas and he’s cracked open a raw egg and he’s paddling in that. Eeeeh that’s my monkey. Sooo funny

love Millie xx


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