Monkey food game

Hiya monkey fans

I’m feeling better now thanks. Thanks for all your message of kind words wishing me well. It’s tough being a monkey in demand but it’s lovely to know that I am so appreciated and loved. Aaah I’m getting all emotional now!

Well to cheer me up and make me feel even better, Millie has been getting us to play a game. She told me it involved food so off we skipped into mammy’s food cupboard………I sat ready for the instructions and Millie got all ready for the game. Its fun she cheeered. It will make you laugh!

It involves playing in mammy’s food cupboard and picking foods that remind you of loved ones. let me explain. Millie did the first one as an example:

This food reminds me of you monkey! she laughed. It’s got a monkey face on the packet and it looks like monkey poops! hahahahaha

Well then, I then found a good one that reminded me of Granny Growbag……..hahahahahahaha

Millie here – Monkey got a bit carried away at this point and started playing a game of his own…….


The monkey food game is fun!!!!!

send us your pics please! xxxxxx love Monkey and Millie

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