Monkey’s not well!!

Hi Monkey fans Millie here

I’m sorry to say that little sweet monkey hasn’t been very well since he ran the Great North Run on Sunday.

I think he pooped himself out. But he still seems to be pooping plenty so I don’t think that’s true!

He says he feels much better now and so will be finishing off his Monkey Potter story the next time and writing loads more on here cos he loves it

From his bed, I got these words from monkey……

Eem hi Millie

Can you pass me a juice?

Can you rub my feet?

Millie can you pass that magazine?

Millie can you turn the telly over?

Mmm well, I had expected Monkey to say he was sorry for not being with you today but I guess he’s got other things on his mind!

So I got mammy to take a picture of him for you instead

He looked better soon after as he was soon chomping on a banana

I thought you didn’t like them monkey!

Apparently, he’s changed his mind now he’s been ill. Says its given him a whole new view on life

Monkey! you are very filo…..philo…sofical sometimes

opps that’s too big a word for Millie!

it means he’s got too much time on his little paws

Get better soon Monkey!! xxxx

Love Millie

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