Monkey dives to another gold medal in the Olympics

Hey Monkey fans!

Just had to get these pics up to show you of my fantabulous monkey antics in the swimming pool today. Fabidab it was.  My monkey olympics standards were the best today. That Tom Daly has got no chance with me in TEAM MONKEY!

Mind he is brilliant that Tom in Team GB. Tom I love you and I hope you see my pics here and score me on presentation, grace and diving tasticness because I bet you didn’t know monkeys could dive as well as you!

ooh I know how you feel Tom, waiting to dive on that ironing board…ooh i’m scared of heights I’ve just realised…….

Then I got a bit nervous as I got myself all monkey mentally prepared for the actual dive……notice Millie Mascot with the camera to hand….also note the score on the scoreboard!!!!

And off with the grace of a monkey, I fly through the air…….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Now you may notice that there are bubbles in the water. They were made on my practice dive two minutes earlier. I’m sorry. I should apologise as I thought the water would have got rid of them by now. Sometimes its hard to be a monkey, keeping those botty burps in. Normally I can hide them but, well this time I see that I have been well found out!!!. OOops sorry for the monkey bubbles…sory Millie, you may want to sit back a bit….

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, relax! Wow that was great but very tiring. All that training and its over in 5 seconds. I did 3 somersaults, two backflips and a mid-air rendition of ‘one potato, two potato ‘ mid air but the camera in the 2012 Olympics monkey pool was not quite quick enough to see that in slow motion….never mind, you get to see the best bit……..

….which was me getting the Monkey GOLD medal at the end. Tom is just off camera cheering me on. He’s a bit camera shy. Said it was Monkey’s moment. Tom, you’re dead right you are.

And there’s me again…oh there’s that Millie trying to monkey in on the monkey glory! tsk tsk. Well she has been my biggest support so I can’t really say anything to her. At least she didn’t block me out the picture.

I’m pooped now. Relaxing on the diving board. Maybe that’s why they call it a poop deck. Does smell a  bit mind you…poooooo

Hope you’re all excited for the closing ceremony tomorrow night! Its going to be monkey fabulousness that’s for sure!. See you then Monkey fans!!!!

Love Monkey and Millie xxx

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