Monkeying around on a horse (kind of) at the Olympics

Hi Monkey fans

Its been a busy day today.

First of all I was due to appear in the dressage event and the equestrian event where a lot of horses are involved. its not just been about monkeys today although we are the far superior animal.

In dressage for example, the horses just have to do a little dance to the camera. I on the other hand have had to do bike rides and gymnastics to get my medals. I think we monkeys have a raw deal in these olympics. These horses seem to get the easy life! Tsk tsk. I shall be having words with the organisers for next time. Fancy a horse getting a medal for just dancing around to the camera! Show off!!

But in the horse jumping event, I decided to take part when i found out that the person on the back gets the medal and not the horse itself. Well that makes me slightly happier but still…..

I couldnt find a horse small enough – (you have to provide your own apparently – I think the organisers might want to think about this for next time too )

My Little Pony was busy, so I made a few phonecalls on the monkey mobile  aaaaaye and managed to get Roger Reindeer at the last minute. Just as well its not near Xmas or he would have been otherwise employed.

Here we are WINNING:

Later that day I posed for my official winning pictures. Excuse the attire, its not the usual monkey standard but we have to wear them to keep in the sweat once we’ve exercised – it keeps the monkey fur moisturised

These cloaks help your body to recover after you’ve made it work hard. Well the horses didn’t have them after dressage or the jumping so what does that tell you??????

Seems that Millie though, bless her misunderstood the term  ‘dressage’ which she didn’t realise was about horses and thought it involved dresses………so……….look what I found her to have done later:

Bless my Millie. She had made a dress out of my sweat protector cloak. And a crown. Fit for a princess and fit for my Millie

Night night till next time. I’m pooped and need a lie down. Roger needs to get back to his day job.I hope those black cabs accept reindeers……


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