Monkey icecream at the Olympics

Hello monkey fans

As Millie tweeted earlier, today has been a day of rest for me. After super Saturday, i’m exhausted and quite frankly I thought that nice man Usain Bolt could do with a bit of the adoration as it was all about him today. He’s a nice chap – made me a bowl of porridge with honey in it for breakfast one day. Says it makes him fit and healthy and I’m all for the fitness! Gives good running tips he does – he was super impressed when I told him how I’d ran so fast round the track and helped the British bike boys win their race!. ‘AAaaye’…….

We explored a bit away from the arena today and found a lovely park where there was a van and got some lovely icecream. I was treating Millie Mascot as she’s been ever so good today. She took my picture as she says it was such a shock for her to see me standing in a queue and that normally I send her to fetch ice creams and snacks! What a cheek! Well yes its true actually but fancy taking my picture! (By the way you see my medal? I’m so proud I wear it all the time, even in bed)

Millie loves icecream and usually gets it all over her face and down her dress and on her shoes. But today she was very good and only spilt a bit on the ground. She said it was melting with the sun but I have never had this problem as I eat mine before it has the chance to melt. Yes I’m even fast when eating icecream. Maybe I’ll ask those Olympic people if there is an event for that! I would SO win!

Well here’s Millie eating hers. She looks so happy doesn’t she?

All this icecream eating got me thinking about what other events I’d like to see in the Olympics and I think:

1 Fastest monkey

2Best looking monkey in the world

3 Best mascot

4Fastest icecream eater

5 Best princess (Millie of course, well apart from Princess Tiaamii, the beautiful little girl of singer Peter Andre because she is actually CALLED Princess. I can’t beat that) Kisses

Lots to do in the next couple of days. Eeeh it’s a tough life being a monkey but like I tell my Millie, we monkeys are the best at monkey business! teeheeeee


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