The Monkey Pursuit race in the Olympics


Monkey got another medal today in the team pursuit. The British Team won because of Monkey’s cunning plan!

It was an inspired piece of monkey business really – what he did was to tag one of the GB guys on his bike, shout ” tag,you’re it – catch me or you stink”, and then run off.

This meant the guys on the bikes took off after him and chased monkey all around the track so they won the race!

They love a challenge they said and monkey helped them to take their minds of the stress of the Olympics and to win the race without realising. There were four of them on their bikes one behind the other. Monkey said it would have been better to have had them chase him all spread out instead of in a straight line! Maybe they thought they were in a queue because they’re British. We do like to queue a lot over here as you know. Even in Olympic Sports. We’re very polite that way.

Here’s my monkey in action: go monkey go monkey go! Ooooh the guy in the helmet is catching up fast!!!!  (See how they matched Monkey’s jumper! He is SUCH a style icon. Everyone copies!!)

But the  men in the bike queue didn’t catch up. Monkey won the race and beat them all – without a bike!! he’s fast is my monkey.

The bike boys put him on the stand at the end when they collected their medals. Monkey got the shiniest one because he was so helpful:

Aaah it’s been a tiring day. Monkey’s little legs are like stumps he’s ran so much. He had steam coming off them at the end of the race. He’s lying down now relaxing. Bless him. I am now Nurse Millie so must go and attend to his little paws.

Nighty night xxxxx love Millie Mascot


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