Monkey wins GOLD at the Olympics

OMM!!!!! (Oh my Monkey!)

I’ve done it!!! I’ve achieved levels of Monkey fabulousness I didn’t think possible!

I won GOLD  at the archery. I’m a dead good shot and I hit all the targets the first time, right in the middle too!

I missed one unfortunately but I think I won in the end as I hit a judge in a red jacket at the side of the arena. Red means 50 squillion points I think so that’s what must have got me the gold teehheeee

Here’s me getting ready to go and perform in front of all my fans…..

I’ve won a fantastic shiny gold medal!!!!!!!   And here it is:


And another one incase you missed it…..teeehee



I think it helped that Millie was singing  Go Monkey Go Monkey at the sidelines. Millie Mascot is fantastic and I would like to thank her for her lovely singing. She was singing all day she was. Her favourite song is Mysterious Girl (Monkey). Well she added the monkey bit but I think he really meant to have it in there! 😉

My favourite song of his is To the Top because that’s where I’m going with my Monkey fabulousness!! Woohoo!!!!

Millie: Go Monkey Go Monkey Go Monkey GO

Love you Monkey!

So proud of you xxx


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