Millie Mascot supporting Team Monkey at the Olympics

Hello everyone, Millie Mascot here

Go Monkey

Go Monkey

Go Monkey  GO!

Millie Mascot here. look at my lovely flowery hat! Monkey bought it with his pocket money from mammy. bless xxxx

I feel a bit nervous here in my picture. hope it doesnt show!

Thats what I sing rustling my pom poms in the air and singing as if my life depended on it. Monkey loves the adoration. He says I have to try and sing louder though so all those nice people in the audience at the Olympics know he is around. I tell him they are there to see the human althletes too but he doesn’t listen. I bet they are secretly thrilled to be a part of the Monkey Olympics. I have seen lots of banners in the crowd so thanks you guys! Team Monkey all the way!!

Today Monkey has been in the cycling race. You may have seen him whizz past that lovely Bradley Wiggins who we also met in Paris recently. Monkey loves those sideburns Mr Wiggins has been wearing. He says Mr Wiggins is his number one fan as he has copied my Monkey’s style!! Monkey has monkey burns you see. Like sideburns only on a monkey. If you don’t believe me take a look:

Monkey says hes faster riding his bike than Mr Wiggins and he was so fast in today’s race that no-one saw him fly past Mr Wiggins who ended up winning the race. Monkey got a gold medal too and it was shinier than Wiggins’!

Monkey really won this race!!!! Watch the replay and you’ll see.

Love Millie Mascot.

Tomorrow Monkey stars in the archery event. Phew!

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