100 monkey metres in the Olympic swimming event

Hi Monkey fans

I have been swimming today in the  100 monkey metres race.  And I have been diving!! That’s all the water activities for this year though so I won’t be having any baths for the forseeable future! too much water!! This is me just about to start the first race:

These young swimmers, like Tom Daley are quite amazing but I’ve noticed that they haven’t got the fur that I have and you know that fur slows you down. Still as you can see from this pic, you can see how I can show off my abs!! Woo hooo beat that tommy boy! Horrible human people have been making nasty remarks about Tom but I bet they can’t dive and swim like he can!! No sir! Like to see them try  hahaha. Tom if you’re reading this, Monkey loves you and thinks you are absolutely fantastic and a huge inspiration to us all!!!!!

I was going to have  a go at the gymnastics routine on the mat but when I got there I found it so restful that I had a lie down and fell asleep so maybe tomorrow!

I’ve mentioned granny growbag on this blog before. Well, she skyped me before as I have left her at home. She had her facepack on and looked a right sight! thought it was a ghost at first tee heeee. She asked me about the archery and asked if the darts had sticky things on the ends or if they were pointy and sharp. ???? Darts??? sticky things on the ends???? granny growbag is soo funny sometimes. Bless

Heres me again a bit later after the swimming events. I got out the water but them became a bit shy as I discovered that my monkey nuts were a bit water-logged. All right now though. Phew!

See you at the next event monkey fans!! Woo hooo

now where’s my millie mascot!??


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