Team Monkey at the Olympics

Well hello monkey fans

As I get ready for my first sporting event here at the Olympics, I wanted to showcase my new branding for TEAM MONKEY: I’m going to use this banner wherever I go and whichever sporting event I take part in so please do keep an eye out for this in the crowd.

We watched a few events today to get into the spirit of things and to keep an eye out for any other monkeys that may be here taking part. But we seem to be the only ones. Well we have seen a strange one eyed creature walking around. Says he’s the mascot. MASCOT!!???? They should have had a monkey mascot that’s all I can say. From now on, Im nominating Millie as the Team Monkey Mascot. She’s fabidab. Says she needs a new outfit for her new job. Tsk tsk. women!!! any excuse for a new dress or a new pair of shoes.

Got a bit worried after the opening ceremony. Everyone left and for the first day there didnt seem to be anyone in the seats! I don’t know what has happened but Millie assures me that the people are waiting for my events and to see ME and are saving themselves. TEAM MONKEY ALL THE WAY FANS!!!!

See you at the first event!! Can’t wait! xxxxx Monkey

And Millie Mascot! xxxxx

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