Monkey loving in Paris

Hello fans!

We’re near London now,having caught the choo choo from Paris so we can go to the Olympics! Can’t wait. But we will be back travelling before you know it. Its just that Monkey is such a sporting monkey that he didn’t tell me he had entered but turns out he has!! And he is in  several events apparently. But before we go we just had to share our pictures of the Eiffel tower and  news of a great blog we have been reading about travelling and meeting new people and cultures:

The blog is called  BUCKET LIST PUBLICATIONS and we urge you to read it as it has inspired monkey a great deal. Says hes going to read it to inspire him for our next trip!!! Can’t wait!!!!

We had a lovely last night at the Tower and it was very romantic. Heres us waiting for the sun to set so that the tower would start with its twinkly lights:


And here we are smiling as we are so happy hugging here in Paris


Soon Monkey will be in the Olympic Games but I’ve told him not to forget my next holiday!! I mean ours!! teehee

Love Millie xx

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