Monkey goes to the Olympics : Opening Ceremony

Ooooh monkey fans!

Me and Millie are just soo excited. We are in the huge arena which they have turned into  a garden with trees and everything and it looks fantastic!

Me and Millie are just about to take out seats but for now we’re having a look around.  This was the transport for the sportspeople and animals they put on for us. Very nice if I may say so myself. I believe this is the type of carriage that the top human sportspeople have so we feel very honoured that they have put monkey transport on too.

Millie here and just take a look at my lovely shoes! mammy bought them for me for the event. They are a bit hard to walk in (note the look of concentration on my face here) but they’re ever so pretty. Mammy says fashion comes first. Before comfort even. Don’t really agree with that because my little tootsies are sore but I want to look nice for Monkey.

Here’s monkey having a look around. isn’t his shirt snazzy! Monkey you look really cool and smart for your opening ceremony! Dont’ worry, I’ve got the camera if we see the sportspeople up close. Monkey just wants me to take pictures of him on his big day but I’ve said there’s loads of other pics to take.

No sign of any other monkeys yet. Wonder who I will be competing against. Kongo, if you’re reading this, are you joining in any of the sports events? Monkey says he hopes to win all the events he’s entered in for. Not sure which ones those are as he won’t tell me but I’m dying to know. He was running a lot in Paris and Edinburgh and throwing pieces of bread to the pigeons  when I think about it, so he may have been practising for the shot putt and sprinting event now I think about it! cheeky Monkey!

Thats all for now. Got to go and start joining in with the music etc. What’s that Monkey? You’ve brought a trumpet? Where did you get that from? uh ohh folks. Listen out for a trumpet in the end song………xxxxMillie

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