The Monkey Lisa in Paris

Hiya everyone, Millie here again

Still in the city of monkey love! we visited a lovely bridge today which was covered in locks. You’ve got to go with your loved one and write your names on a padlock and then attach it to the bridge. it brings good luck and means the two of you will be locked together for ever! I thought this was really sweet so I asked monkey to do this for us. He said it was a bit silly really but once he spotted the young man making loads of dosh selling padlocks for TOO MANY EUROS! he thought it was a brilliant idea and is going to do that back home as we have a bridge there. woo hoo hooo my Monkey is an business monkey. Wants to be like Lord Sugar he says. Going to apply for the apprentice next year apparently. Monkey!! Slow down. Lets enjoy Paris first.

Here we are on the bridge:

We stayed there for a while whilst monkey wanted to have a chat with the young foreigner selling locks, asking him if he knew Lord Sugar etc. Monkey! no time for that. we’re off to see mona lisa. Monkey then asked me when I met Mona Lisa and how did she know we were going to be in Paris. Didn’t I know that this was going to be a romantic holiday just for the two of us? he seemed a bit annoyed! But before I could explain he was off again having another little chat to the lock man. Sometimes that monkey tests my monkey patience. Ahh but he bought me an icecream to make up so that was nice xxxx love you monkey

We did eventually get to the Louvre museum later that day and went to see the Mona Lisa. People were looking at it and saying they’d seen it before so Monkey had an idea and did his own version and hung this up in its place when people weren’t looking. Here is the MONKEY LISA!! I think I should have posed for this since I’m a girl but Monkey said he is the business brains since he is going to do the lock idea.

And then we got a pic outside the house where Monkey Lisa lives. She’s got a lovely shiny house.  Its like a PG Tips teabag but really see through. Monkey pointed this out as our cousins are the brains behind that brand. Did you see them on the telly advert? There’s Ben, Charlie and Stavros. Stavros might sound Greek but his mammy had an Eureka moment once and decided on the name there and then. They’re from London zoo really. bless

So finally heres the picture of us near the mona lisa house. she keeps it very shiny and nice. a bit crowded though. she must have lots of japanese friends. Lovely house though it is. We walked around a bit but Monkey got tired so we said goodbye to Ms Lisa and headed back to the hotel.

See you on the next blog everyone. Here’s the French I have spoken today: Bonjour je m’appelle Millie, Je habite en Angleterre mais je suis en France pour le moment. That means Hello my name is Millie, I live in England but I am in France at the moment. tee heeee xxx

Monkey taught me this phrase. This is what he has learnt so far today:

J’adore Monkey. Il est tres beau. Il est tres drole et il est mon singe.

Love Millie xxxx

PS Hiya this is monkey. Heres what I taught Millie….aaaaaye    I love Monkey. he is very handsome. He is very funny and he is my monkey. Aaaaaaye! xxxx

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