Monkey business in Paris

Hello there!

Millie here. I couldn’t wait to talk to all you nice people and show you where Monkey has taken me on my next trip! – PARIS!!!!!!

I am so excited, I can’t quite believe it. I am such a lucky Millie Monkey.

Well it all started when we were in Edinburgh and Monkey said he had a surpirse for me and then he told me to pack the cases as we were off somewhere else. He gave me some clues as to where we were going… a slice of cheese, an onion and a slice of pizza. I was confused as I thought Paris but then maybe Italy!. Turns out Monkey was confused as well. bless him. I’ve explained now though.

We got some good seats on the plane. the plane was all orange coloured and looked very pretty. Heres monkey in his seat. said he wanted to sit near the window incase he needed some fresh air when the plane took off – there was a nice little ledge just outside our window. like a balcony. we obviously got the posh seats!


Monkey kept annoying the nice ladies on the plane who came round asking if we wanted drinks or snacks. Monkey kept telling them he didnt want peanuts as he had some monkey nuts of his own!!! Monkey!!!! Very cheeky sometimes he is. naughty monkey. (teeeheeee)

We got to Paris but the people there speak very funny. Monkey said they were known as frogs but theylooked human to me. Didn’t see any green frogs anyway or monkeys. Must be on their holidays like us.

Here we are beside the lovely river. I looked for frogs here but couldn’t see any. Isn’t my monkey handsome!?


I’m learning some French when I’m here – Bonjour je suis un singe means hello i am a monkey

oooh la la xxx love Millie xxx

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