Millie Monkey of the British Empire

Hello Millie fans

Trying to beat Monkeys efforts today. Im a bit shy when it comes to blogging but I just couldn’t resist sharing a photo with you of my lovely picture with Mrs Queen xx

She’s lovely. Looks a bit like Granny Growbag. More bling bling thought. teehee

ahh she was lovely. Even had a little banner made especially. Some of the other (human) candidates got banners too but since we are only little monkeys, Mrs Queen personalised the one for us and wore it herself as it fitted her!

Genius! Mrs Queen is very clever. Me and Monkey ate lots of her home made sausage rolls and cakes. Said her friend Camilla made some cupcakes too, but I didnt see them. Think Monkey may have gotten there before me!!

Heres my pic! I still had flowers in my hair from the garden party. OopsSorry Mrs Queen .Hope  I didn’t drop any on your lovely white dress xxx     love Millie MBE

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