Monkey of the British Empire (MBE)


still in Edinburgh Monkey fans! well i ve been so excited this week as well the Queen was up in Edinburgh too giving out MBEs and OBEs and other such awards to very special people.

Well today’s the day that Monkey and Millie were made MBEs!!!!

That’s Monkeys of the British Empire!! Yes I bet you didnt know it stood for that but it does. When you think about it, it makes sense as we monkeys are very fine upstanding citizens. teehee

That lovely Lorraine Kelly off the telly got one too. Off course she isnt a monkey but Mrs Queen thought she had a lovely telly programme and wore nice dresses so she got an award for that. We had a chat amidst the sausages on sticks and mince pies that Mrs Queen had left out for her friends. She can really cook that Mrs Queen

for once I am speechless and cant talk or write much more but I just thought I would leave you with this lovely picture of me getting my award:

It was such a special day

Millie’s pics next time!

Love from Monkey MBE xxx

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