Olympic torch monkey style!

Hello there monkey fans!

Well it is with great honour that I announce to you all that I got to carry the Olympic torch today!! WOOHOOO

I wore my medal which stated that I was a winner and I carried that torch all over the village and around the streets as squillions of people had come to see Monkey in all my Olympic glory.

I haven’t got the words to say how proud I feel. Well now actually I have: it was fantastic, an honour and a great experience for a little monkey like me. Although I have to say it was a bit big and heavy so I had some help from some people in shell suits. There was a car and I think an ambulance right behind me so when I got really tired I just popped in there and hitched a ride. A man with a clipboard said I wasn’t allowed, but I said Yes I am for I am Monkey!! teehee

Here is the proud pic when I posed with Bernard the sheep in the field


Mammy and daddy said they were so proud of me! But I was the best!

Millie is dead proud too. She is just off the picture eating an icecream. tut tut millie.

Thank you crowds of people and of course Bernard for coming to see me. Its that nice man who I did the weather with a while back who got me here so thanks Charlie!

Till later fans!! teehee

Monkey xxx

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