My official Jubilee Photograph

Hiya Millie here

well Ive had a lovely 4 days holiday chilling and partying in the garden. I;m very tired now and expect the Queen is tucked up in bed so that’s where I’m going in  a bit. But before that I’d like to share my favourite picture of the weekend with you.

Monkey took it for me from up above. He climbed on Tufty’s back and they flew up just above the garden and Monkey pressed click on mammy’s camera. Well it was actually a disposable one as they are a bit lighter for us monkeys to use.

Its been a lovely and very happy Jubilee. Hope the Queen got some nice pressies. I think she would have loved our garden party. It was a bit warmer and didn’t rain here like in London. I’m going to send this picture – my official one from the party – to her so she can realise that its not just her that has a duty to take a fantastic photo for her fans. The Queen has millions and squillions of fans – we saw them all on the Jubilee party last night. although there were no monkeys performing which I found a bit disappointing as monkey can rock a right ole tune on the guitar.

Heres my pic below. If anyone is looking for a lovely sweet monkey model then please contact me via this blog or via twitter @monkeyandmillie


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