Monkey Jubilee Celebrations continue

Hi there monkey fans!!!

Had our first round of monkey jubilee celebrations yesterday and have the pics to prove it!

It was raining in lovely London so we didnt go there. Instead we stayed in our back garden and invited a few people over and had a BBQ.

We love Granny Queen we do and we love all the boats that were on the river! we have a little pond in the garden so we made some paper boats and let them float around. we didn’t have an old royal lady to wave at them but we do have a granny as you know so we got her to wave her arms around. hahaha silly Granny Growbag, we love her but she is sooooo silly sometimes. She puts the kettle on to make some tea and then forgets she’s made a cup – leaves it in the garden and discovers it half an hour later! bless. Bet Granny Queen doesn’t do that.

Here is a picture of me and Millie. No pics of the boats and granny as she wouldnt allow it 😦

we off to the park today with our flags and our medals to see if we can spot the Queen anywhere. There are crowds around here in street parties. Millie thinks Granny Queen will gatecrash one of them. If she doesnt wear her crown it’ll be tricky to spot her. I hope its not like Where’s Wally. Thats dead hard that is!

Heres our lovely Jubilee photo:


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