Monkey and Millie meet the Queen!

Dear Monkey fans!!!

Our wildest bestest dreams have been realised today when we met the Queen herself!!! It was a day of joyous monkey celebrations as we went to a town fair and park and we spotted her in a shop. It was an honour to meet her as I have sooo wanted to see her for ages and as I said before Millie didnt think we would be able to see her as she wouldnt be able to attend, what with her being so busy jubilleeing.

But she did bless her and  it wasnt at all like where’s wally as she wasn’t wearing a stripy jumper and a a funny hat. But she was wearing her crown!

Look at our lovely pic we took of us all


ps Millie says she’s slightly worried about that little doggie in the picture too. Says he looks a bit ill. Apparently I told her this seems to be a leaflet about little doggie smoking so its his own fault if he looks and feels a bit ill!!. Me and Millie don’t smoke because it stinks and makes you all wrinkly and can make you ill. Still Granny is all wrinkly and she’s never smoked but I guess other things cause wrinkles too.

But who in their right mind lets their dog smoke? Silly silly owners. And they say animals aren’t as intelligent as humans…… MONKEYS ARE VERY CLEVER BY THE WAY

Hope little doggie is feeling better soon xxxx

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