Jubilee Monkey Style

Hi there Monkey fans!

Me and Monkey are very excited about the Jubilee Celebrations this weekend!! WOOHOOO!! Monkey’s excited that there is a four day public holiday from work. I had to remind him that monkeys don’t go to work but he said that didn’t matter – he was still very excited about it!

We’re having a Monkey Jubilee party in the back garden if its nice and in mammys bedroom if its not. I’ve bought flags and made some cakes for us to eat so fingers and paws crossed that the reign stays away! Haha that’s my little monkey joke – reign….see what I did there? Well mammy and daddy thought it was funny 🙂

Here’s me beside my super duper Jubilee windmill. we’re going to dance under it for the party and have party ribbons and everything. All our friends are coming. Humans not allowed.Everyone has to wear something red – it’s a regal theme. Just bunnies, bears, cats and birdies. Tufty said he will make an appearance.  Well he’s a robin and he’s already wearing something red. He said he’s not dressing up any further. I think that’s cheating. teehee cheeky tufty.

ps hope you like my new dress! Monkey bought it with his pocket money for me. Bless him xx


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