The sun is out!

I took my millie out today for a bit of a sit in the garden as it was such a lovely day. The sun was shining and there was a lovely gentle gust of wind. Millie thought that was me at first but I soon told her otherwise!

Met Tufty the robin. He’s looking a bit ruffled these days. Think he’s having to fight his way through the pigeons that come into the garden to get some food. Shame really as he’s a kind little bird that wakes me and Milly up each morning having a kind of sing song. We’ll have to feed him more by hiding some seed in a hanging cage that other birds cant get to. I’m going shopping with mammy tomorrow so will get some then.

We ate ice cream today and had a little run round the garden playing ball. we didnt have a ball but we made do out of a piece of tinfoil we found in the hedge, that we screwed up and made it look like we had a proper ball.  It was all sparkly and Millie didn’t want to kick it incase she hurt it. hmmp Girls are silly sometimes. teehee

Here’s a pic of me and millie in the garden. Millie loves the solo daffodil. says its like a star shining over her . She calls it her lighthouse, and thinks it also looks like  a trumpet blowing in the wind. Like I say, girls are silly. teehee But she’s my milly. And I love her.

aaaaaaah xxxxx


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