Embrace the almonds in life

Well today started well enough.I got myself some lovely brekkie and munched it all down within seconds. Well it takes a lot to look this good and toned. Mind you I’m not one for lazing around. got too much playing and running around to do.

You’ll see I’m trying out a new riff raff look here. millie wants me labelled haha and wearing a sign around my head that says ‘monkey rocks’ but it didn’t quite work I thought.  Well Im always willing to try these things. i look better now. ive had a shower since breakfast obviously and dressed up as a ninja. its a long story…haha no news till next time on that. it was a fab game but it deserves a post on its own. teehee


Just so you know I have added almonds and nuts to the mix. Monkeys breakfast rules!! I wouldnt want you thinking that i’d added stinky bananas. Urrrgh!

Why do people think and assume I like bananas? Eh ? Why? Just because all other monkeys do apparently. Well I’m different. I’m not ruled by what everyone else does and it offfends my monkey sensibilities if people say otherwise. Be different! No just be yourself thats what I say. Millie totally gets me and thats what I love about her.

Be different out there! Forget the bananas and embrace the almonds thats what I say. xxxx


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