Launch party for our monkey blog

Woo hoooo! That party was banging!!! we gave ourselves a  party for launching our blog and well we had a banging time!!

we took  some money out of out of mammy’s purse and took a taxi into town.  she doesn’t like us taking the bus on our own. Says we might attract attention. Too true cos we’re fab! We ate a bit at wagamama and then went to Millie’s Cookies. Millie says its her shop but im not convinced. She’s never there! But she does love to bake so it could well be true.

well we had a banging night and danced a bit to some banging tunes.  I’ve got a monkey sized headache now though. Millies got herself a bit of a cough and she won’t be able to talk for a while. Every cloud…….


Keep that monkey loving alive fellow chimps xx

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