Get your dose of monkey blogging here

Monkey here! Millie here too! Look how handsome and pretty we are!! woohoooo. Millie’s my girlfriend and shes monkeytastic. so sweet.

And we’re blogging!! woohoo

I love to blog and I don’t monkey around with what I say or do! I tell it like it is. Bet you’ve never heard a monkey say that before. Well, there is a first time for everything. Teehee.

I love eating chocolate, potatoes and cashew nuts. I hate bananas. I know monkeys should like them but I am no ordinary monkey I’ll have you know.

Millie loves taking pictures and is the designer behind the blog. She also likes eating peas for some reason. But the less said about that the better.

We both live with mammy, daddy,  our brother and sister ( the human kind) and Bonzo (the bear kind)

We also go and visit granny growbag a lot. We call her that because she’s always in the garden pottering on. Spying on the neighbours more like!

We have many more names for granny which we’ll tell you about later on

OOh where to begin!

Love Monkey and Millie xxxxx

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