Hiya! I’m a monkey and I have a blog

hiya everyone! I’m Monkey and this is my girlfriend Millie in the top bar there. The picture below is me in my intelligent mode (monkey-tastic i think you’ll agree)


Now I think monkeys get a raw deal sometimes. you humans say that we are less intelligent than you and that we are best known for our love of swinging in the trees and for eating bananas. well that is about to change. I’m here with my Millie to show you what we monkeys really get up to when we put our minds to it.

we live with our mammy and daddy and human brother and sister. we also have a brother called Bonzo. But he’s  a bear and he only has one eye. you’ll meet him later. my daddy has had Bonzo since being really little and he’s loved him so much that his fur is all worn and tatty and his eye has fell off. Daddy says we shouldn’t judge people by how they look as otherwise we’d never take granny out.

I’m a bit cheeky sometimes but me and millie get up to all kinds of mischief when the humans aren’t around. we can play in your world too you know!

Ps can i just say that i love to get up to all kinds of things and we are going to love doing this blog! mammy helps me sometimes but apart from that its all little me! granny tries to interrupt sometimes but well she’s old so daddy says we have to give her some leeway. not sure what leeway is but i’m sure granny doesn’t need any. tee heee

 see you later chimps xx

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